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Stop your roundabout of thoughts and
let your body wisdom* become perceptible.

Through The Art of Insight your knowledge

about your needs and your self-worth

becomes the compass that helps you 

to create your life in a self-aware and self-determined way.

* more below: ABOUT ME


The Art of Insight is an individual 1:1 coaching program for people who no longer want to bend or make themselves invisible to others. 

Together, we charmingly terminate the pattern of conformity and learn to face challenging situations in a self-effective way in the future.


On your life checklist

you've already ticked off all sorts of things:

“Job, travel, partnership, family planning, house, boat, e-bike ...”

But no matter what you have achieved,

the satisfaction you longed for afterwards has not really happened.


The very opposite:

Your everyday life stresses you out,

you try to please everyone and everything.

This makes you restless & unbalanced,

Your life satisfaction wanes.

You ask yourself more and more 

what is truly important for you from this checklist? 

You feel like you are being externally directed and

ask yourself who is actually in charge here?

Your 18-year-old self? Your family? Societal guidelines?


Sometimes you have the impression to be an

expectation-fulfillment machine - for others ...

And for some time now, you have had thoughts like:

“Is that it?”

“I want more!”

“I want it differently!”

More and more inner question marks appear in you -

like after having bad sex.

But right now you don't know how you could have any influence.

And you don't think you can allow yourself to worry about it.

No time!


​… what would happen if you were aware of your needs and

took them seriously.

* You know what you are available for and what you are not willing to do.

* Lack of clarity and confusion in contact with others decreases.

* You find yourself less and less often in situations in which you place the expectations of others above your needs.

* In difficult or challenging situations, your inner needs compass guides you to find a healthy way of dealing with them.

You probably KNOW THAT...

It's important to you to be liked by everybody, so you try to please everyone. 

* You apologize - to - people who treat you unfairly.   > They didn't mean it that way.


* You try to please everyone and not offend.   > Sure, it's exhausting, but there's no other way.


* You always have an open ear for your friends. You rather keep the fact that you're not feeling well to yourself.   > You don't want to burden them with your issues too.

* It is difficult for you to set boundaries at work.   > You are afraid of not seeming ambitious enough.

At the end of the day, you have the impression that nobody

cares about your well-being and you feel exhausted.





What possibilities would be open to you if you

let yourself be guided by your needs compass and thereby

setnew standards based on your wishes?

... say “Stop!” when too much is demanded of you at work.

You could manage your energy better and have more resources

outside of work to spend on the things that satisfy you.

... take space to talk about your worries and needs with your friends?

... respect your own boundaries, articulate them & it is of secondary importance to you how this affects others.  

You would realize that it can be a relief to confide in others. Because true friends are at your side whenever you're not feeling well.

You would minimize resentment towards yourself and others, as you clearly express what is possible & important for you and what is not.



With The Art of Insight I provide an 

individual 1 : 1 Coaching support in personal Zoom calls.

Together we enter a space of experience in which we work out how to plumb your needs compass.

In a relaxed & held energetic space, we find access to your unconscious feelings and body sensations.

It is not about digging around in the past, but instead of that being present.

In the here and now the reconnection with your body wisdom will be initiated.

I support you in this process with individual 

presence & observation tools individually customized to you,


* Methods for regulating the nervous system, 

* held silence, 

* body conversations, 

* body journeys, 

* movement,

* music, 

* energy work

* and much more


Your body wisdom will unfold in this process 

organically and at your own pace.


To get to know each other in advance, I offer you a personal conversation. 

During this session, I will be able to identify the essence of your individual topic.


The Art of Insight

The Structure

To figure out

what kind of needs you have & 

to be able to set clear boundaries

I accompany you with

The Art of Insight 

through 3 levels:


Affectionate introspection

To empower you to influence your life in the future proactively, we slow down the pace in the first level.

We dive into the world of mindful self-awareness and create the foundation for a surrendered connection to yourself and your body wisdom. This reveals to you which needs require your attention.

In a relaxed atmosphere, we give your topic space and experience what wants to be felt & perceived.


New Standards

Based on the insights from 

the first level, it is important 

to define your needs in order to guide your life in the direction that really suits you. These new standards support you in having an influence on your emotional well-being - even in challenging situations.  You will be able to perceive how you confidently take up your space, move independently in relationships and skillfully express what is important to you. 

We define your

needs - for an organic integration

into your everyday life.


Self-efficacious decisions

To transform your thought & behavior patterns, it needs your attention.

Based on the insights from the previous levels, we can develop your individual body recipe.

This gives you the opportunity to focus on yourself in challenging situations and to say “Stop!”.


You will learn to treat yourself with compassion and empathy in situations that challenge your individual needs.

You will be able to make intuitive decisions and act courageously as you see fit.


 The Art of Insight is a loving space of experience

in which we slow down and discover the inner dynamics

of your mental roundabout -  

Put an end to pressure, unhealthy self-control & self-optimization.

* You gain clarity about your self-worth.

* You will gain an awareness of the energetic dimensions of your physicality.

* You learn to honor your needs & stand up for them.

* You learn to charmingly break through the conditioning of your familiar thought and behavior patterns.

* You will experience what devotion has to do with leading a fulfilled and self-aware life.


“ Dear Sue! 

Thank you so much for your existence. 

You have such a great presence that I could really confidently put myself in your hands with my process. 

You have internalized this “Everything can - nothing has to!” so much that my body also felt safe with you. 

And with your work, I experienced many enlightening and deeply touching moments. Thank you so much for that!”

Lynn Walter, Hamburg


The Art of Insight 



If you no longer feel like wasting your energy on people and tasks that are

not useful to you.


If you want to stop giving in when your needs are being disregarded.



If you want to end your role as a complaint box and cultivate friendships at eye level.


If you want to express your wishes, no matter how crazy they may be, in order to meet the ears of those who share them with you.

The Art of Insight 


To improve your self-awareness & self-efficacy.

You will receive personal and individual support.

You want to...


* Meet yourself and your inner world with curiosity, compassion and empathy - far from achievement-oriented thinking and ancient stories.


* Encounter the contradictions in life with heartfelt openness.


* Put an end to exhausting people pleasing.


* Being open to 

a room full of magic.


* Live a self-determined life - in accordance with your wishes and needs.


* Accept and overcome challenges in life with confidence.





>>> Format <<<

1 : 1 Online on Zoom

>>> Duration <<<

6 individually tailored sessions

in 6 weeks

>>> Fee <<<


Would you like a personal introductory meeting?

Then click this button! 


Thank you for taking the time to get here.

My name is Suzie Lebrun, I like to be called Sue.

People who know me describe me as versatile, inspiring, courageous and unconventional.

For me, life is a welcome journey of discovery on which I am constantly finding new insights about myself and the world.

I am interested in getting to the bottom of human needs discreet, with depth and humor. And preferably through body awareness, movement and dance.

Even though my life seemed colorful from the outside, I didn't feel that way for a long time. I was a master of mind f*cks.

In the beginning, this gave me a satisfying feeling. I had something under control, I could do something to make it “better”.

But over time, it became a burden. Especially when my mind knew the “right” answers and my destructive thought & behavior patterns were running on autopilot.

Afterwards, I tore myself to shreds because I hadn't been able to do it right...

In the course of my journey as a body researcher, one realization finally reached me physically: 

That my mind serves me as a sparring partner and is not the supreme & sole decision-making authority over my life.  

And that my body awareness has a significant influence on my mind.

Since then, there has been an inner voice that has met me with compassion and empathy. It has gradually made it clear to me which needs I had previously suppressed in my life.

I allow myself to listen to her with an open mind and physically allow the magic that arises from it.


I still can't really put it into words but I call it BODY WISDOM.

It supports me to be kind to myself and to deal with challenging times. And to be aware of my needs  and how to take care by myself how to let them be satisfied.

If you also want to experience this and would like to be accompanied by me, then I look forward to meet you at The Art of Insight.

For a fulfilling long-term relationship with you,

according to your needs.

From the heart,

Sue ​



The Art of Insight 

* Loving atmosphere

* Guided slowing down

* Conscious body connection

* Recognize your true needs       and desires

* Strengthen your self-awareness

* Transform yourself charmingly

* Create your life

* Learn to say “STOP!

without any ifs and buts


Mental Roundabout 


Compassion & Relaxation

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