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You know what's right for your life?

The answer to that is definitely:


But how can you strengthen this certainty in yourself?

How can you learn about your body awareness,

your self-empowerment and

Self-efficacy, which rests in you / is inherent in you?


The one that lies hidden under the layers of conditioning and

Beliefs that do not belong to your personality.

My passion is to explore just that, and to

Interaction between body, mind and soul

fone and to consider intuitively.



Coachinf für Embodiment Suzie Lebrun, Suzie Lebrun Online Coaching, Coaching intuitiver Zugang zum Unterbewusstsein, Wechselwirkung Körper Geist und Seele
My approach

In my experience, it is not enough to change blocking beliefs or reaction patterns solely through the mind if a lasting effect is to be achieved.

Because rational thinking can lead from a certain intensity to the fact that the body gets even more under stress. The logical mind cannot really assign this stress in such a case, because it is busy finding a rational solution.


In my 1:1 sessions, we focus on finding intuitive access to the subconscious mind, thereby aligning rational thinking with emotional sensations.


If we are aware that our reaction patterns are influenced by the interaction of mental-bodily impulses, it is possible to influence this.


And if we can credibly convey to our nervous system from this realization that it can relax, we thus gain a basis on which we can intuitively decondition neuromuscular body impulses and individually re-shape them. 

The methods / un-folding

The framework of my workspace is based on the body-oriented coaching method Neuro Embodiment Soul Centering (NESC) , as well as the bodywork of Ilan Stephani to increase life energy.


In addition, I integrate my 20+ years of yoga, mediation and mindfulness practice with several years of teaching into my sessions and access numerous continuing education courses in movement, consciousness (body, mind & spirit) and personal development .

Körperbewusstsein, Selbstermächtigung, Selbstwirksamkeit, Suzie Lebrun Coaching, Online Coaching Embodiment, Coaching für Embodiment
The setting / The space

In our 1:1 session that takes place online (Zoom), I hold the space for you.

Based on a topic given by you, we look at the physical level behind it in the here and now.

The point is not to have rational experiences, but to feel and thereby let your body wisdom speak.


In other words:

We don't roll stories about "then X said/ did this, then I thought/ said/ did X", but we look at your issue primarily on a physical level. What you perceive in your body, or what you don't perceive when you connect with your subject.

It can be quiet, loud, colorful, calm, crazy and much more.

It is not about doing, but about BEING and perceiving. On this path we explore the access to your body intelligence, your subconscious and your intuition.


The language, your words serve us here to translate what wants to reveal itself to you on a physical level.

LET'S DARE TOGETHER.... redefine old stories?


In a free preliminary meeting I offer you to get to know each other.

In it we clarify your motivation for the coaching.

And you are also welcome to ask me further questions. Afterwards, we will decide whether we can imagine working together.

In case of a YES from both sides, there is the following setting:

* 1 : 1 session online via Zoom

* usually 75 minutes per session

* At least 4 sessions are recommended

   The intervals between the individual sessions are 

   agreed individually. As a rule, one to three week intervals

   to three-week intervals make sense.

Design ohne Titel-8.png

Thank you for your message.  

I am a one-woman-show and will get back to you asap!


Do you have questions or thoughts you would like to share with me? Here is an opportunity to do so.


Dear Sue. Thank you very much for being. You have such a great presence that I could really trust you with my process. You have internalized this "Everything can - nothing must!" so much that my body also felt safe with you. And I, with your work, experienced many enlightening and deeply touching moments. Thank you so much for that!


Rahel, Switzerland

I love working with Sue! Her way is super authentic, intuitive and funny - we laugh and cry together. Sue gives me a lot of space for my own processes, but sets impulses and questions in the right place with great effect. Definitely an enrichment for my life!

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