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Born in France and raised in Germany, I have wandered from place to place in search of a home inside and outside - Freiburg, Cologne, Southeast Asia, India, Vienna...


Professionally, I was an organisational talent in the film, theatre and music industry for many years and worked as assistant director, 2nd AD for movies or booking assistant, among other things. And I also know the other side, I was actress in theatre, been also on stage as singer and have a passion for dancing.


I have led and still lead a very varied life, which many people describe as courageous, inspiring and unconventional. I see my life as one journey of exploration, where I am always allowed to discover new things.

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I discovered my spiritual side during a trip to Thailand in 2004.

What had always been dormant in me was now finally awakened: the urge to get to the bottom of the things that happen to you in life and to question their purpose.


I found support in my yoga practice (as a student & teacher), in meditation, as well as in various workshops, groups and therapies in the field of movement, consciousness (body, mind & soul) and personal development, in which I have participated continuously for more than 20 years.

With every answer came and still comes new questions that move me forward & inspire me.



Those who have (had) a special influence on my work are:

* Ilan Stephani (MoshGold/ Embodiment year group), 

* Victoria Louca (Mentoring/ Warrior of Light), &

* Itay Ganot (Modern Mystic Arts).


In these encounters

I have found a form of

of inner home, freedom and the

activation of my life energy,

which grounds me and at the same time connects me with my

high self. And gives me

the strength to dedicate

myself to my soul task:


To accompany people in trusting, feeling and accepting themselves again. And thus to reach self-empowerment via the path of one's very own inner home.

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