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Born in France and raised in Germany, I have wandered from place to place in search of a home inside and outside - Freiburg, Cologne, Southeast Asia, India, Vienna...


Professionally, I was an organisational talent in the film, theatre and music industry for many years and worked as assistant director, 2nd AD for movies or booking assistant, among other things. And I also know the other side, I was actress in theatre, been also on stage as singer and have a passion for dancing.


I have led and still lead a very varied life, which many people describe as courageous, inspiring and unconventional. I see my life as one journey of exploration, where I am always allowed to discover new things.

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I discovered my spiritual side during a trip to Thailand in 2004.

What had always been dormant in me was now finally awakened: the urge to get to the bottom of the things that happen to you in life and to question their purpose.


I found support in my yoga practice (as a student & teacher), in meditation, as well as in various workshops, groups and therapies in the field of movement, consciousness (body, mind & soul) and personal development, in which I have participated continuously for more than 20 years.

With every answer came and still comes new questions that move me forward & inspire me.



What has inspired me the last few years in particular is the embodiment year group with Ilan Stephani

(Mosh Gold) and the mentoring & collaboration with Victoria Louca

(Warrior of Light & Warrior of Light reloaded).

Through these women I have experienced another complementary form of inner home, freedom and new life energy that is clearing more and more doubt in my life.

A form of grounding that enriches me so that I dedicate myself full of strength to my soul task:

To accompany people in trusting, feeling and accepting themselves again.

And thus to reach self-empowerment via the path of our very own inner home.

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